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  1. Dear USA in Space,

    We are a Danish based NGO called Emergency Asteroid Defence Project (EADP) and working within the planetary defence community. As it is now, there is no government initiative in place to protect us against asteroids such as the one that that hit Tunguska in 1908 or the one that hit Chelyabinsk in 2013. There is about a million asteroids called NEO (Near-Earth Objects), where we only know where a small percentage of them are, and which are capable destroying a city.

    There are some government agencies working on deflection methods for when we have a 5+ year response time. Both of the incidents I mention gave us no response time, but it may very well be, that an asteroid will be spotted heading towards us with an impact time of say 2 weeks or perhaps a year.
    We are effectively the only organization working on deflecting an asteroid with a short warning time of less than five years.

    It is our goal to develop and build a HAIV (Hypervelocity Asteroid Intercept Vehicle) as made by professor Bong Wie, which will be capable of mitigating an asteroid coming towards us with short warning time and we will in fact begin a crowdfunding campaign already in the beginning of May (12th of May), which will be on Indiegogo. This campaign will be to gather funds for the feasibility study needed to build a test HAIV to go into space. Thereafter, in the fall, we will have a larger Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacturing of the HAIV.

    If you find this interesting, please let me know. I’m writing you because we could really need some help in outreach and perhaps, if you find this important, you would like to give a helping hand? My hope is that since this is a crowdfunding project with an important cause, that you would be so kind as to share it in your network.

    Please view our website for more information:

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